DELIVERY AND PICK UP: All payments must be made by time of delivery or pick up - NO EXCEPTIONS. Lessee grants Lessor the right to enter their location for delivery and return of equipment. If Lessor determines that payment has not been received or that the equipment is not being operated safely according to the terms of this agreement, then the pickup time is no longer applicable, and all units and equipment are immediately due to be returned to Lessor. Failure to make units or equipment delivered to Lessee available for pickup shall make Lessee liable and responsible to Lessor for an additional daily rental fee per unit until all units or equipment are returned or until other satisfactory arrangements have been made, in writing, with Lessor. Please allow for a 3 hour window for the pickup. Customer is responsible for all equipment until our driver picks it up. Do not leave equipment unattended. Lessee is responsible for making sure that the unit is in the same condition as when Lessee received it and that it is clean prior to pickup, ordinary wear is accepted. A
cleaning fee will be imposed if the unit is unsatisfactory. A minimum fee of $75 will be assessed to clean the unit. Additional cleaning time will be conducted at $50/hr multiplied by the number of hours until the unit is back in the condition it was rented as. The driver will be responsible for properly setting up the unit(s), offering proper operations instruction on all equipment, and having customer sign the Delivery/Pick up acknowledgement.

EQUIPMENT SET UP: Lessor will set up the unit before or at the time of delivery. Delivery windows are an estimate and can often update the day of delivery. Inflatafun Rentals has the right to change the delivery window to better suit the delivery schedule at any time. Both parties agree that Lessor neither accepts nor assumes any responsibility for any underground lines of any kind (plumbing, electrical, cable, etc.) broken or damaged during set up. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to advise Lessor as to the location of any such underground lines. An underground utilities and cable marking company called JULIE, Inc. can be requested to inspect your property in advance of your event. We highly recommend this if you have any concerns or questions. They can be reached by calling 1-800-892-0123. Once the unit is in place, Lessee must NOT move or adjust it. The unit must be used over a smooth, compatible surface such as: ( 1) Indoor (Gym, Turf, Carpet, Rubber), 2) Grass, 3) Concrete, Asphalt, Tennis Court, 4) Dirt/Stone, 5) Sand, or other level hard top surface) and may NOT be operated on rough surfaces such as, sharp rocks, bricks, glass or jagged objects. If a unit is set up on a hard surface, such as asphalt or concrete, it must be monitored closely to prevent its moving. If it moves a bit, when free of jumpers/sliders, pull the corner back to the original location of installation. If the jumper moves off of the tarp, it may damage the bottom of the jumper/slide. A minimum of 2 feet clearance on all sides must be observed at all times. The unit POSITIVELY may NOT be located next to any wall, pole, tree or any fixed object, such as a building, shed, or pool. All equipment must be anchored to the ground, if not on a hard surface. On a hard surface weighted sand bags, concrete blocks, or water barrels will be used to keep the equipment in place. If any accessories are included with your unit, they shall not be removed for any reason. All accessories shall be returned to Lessor at the time of pick up or return. If all accessories are not return a $10/accessory fee will be accessed. Accessories are described to include: Balls, bats, head gear, cables, games, concession tools, goggles, etc. Please ask if you have any questions on whether an item is an accessory or not. This can be seen on the contract as an item  “With Accessories”. No alteration in or attachments to any of the units can be made, unless there is written approval from the Lessor. 

ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Lessee must furnish an electrical outlet located within 50 feet of each unit. Nothing else must be connected to the electrical outlet during operation of the unit.Voltage at the motor must be 110 volts. Therefore, use only the ONE extension cord (50 foot) the Lessor provides per motor. Using other thickness or longer extension cords will burn the motor out due to low voltage. Lessee will be responsible for replacing blower if not connected correctly or moved to a different outlet. Outlets are typically broken up into 15AMP and 20AMP circuits. We can run most blowers and concession machines on a 15AMP circuit. We use our discretion on 20AMP circuits to power our equipment. If you have rented one of our generators, do not plug in anything else other than what was ordered on your invoice. No phones, other inflatables, lighting, etc. If the generator blows a fuse or runs out of gas before the end of the event, you will be responsible with resetting the circuits or supplying more gas for your event. Simply put, more electrical demand, more power needed, which needs more gas to be supplied. Generators cannot be ran in the rain and because of this will be turned off at the first sign of rain. Lessee has sole responsibility for connecting to a proper outlet as described above.

TROUBLESHOOTING EQUIPMENT: Our units and equipment are reliable. They have been tested 2 times minimum before you receive them, once when we intake the equipment for cleaning/maintenance and then again before it comes to your event. However, should the unit begin to deflate, here are a few troubleshooting tips: If the motor has stopped, check the cord connection at the outlet near the motor as well as the power source. Remember to only keep the 50 foot extension cord on the motor.  If the motor continues to run, check the air intake on the side of the motor for any blockage such as leaves, fabric or debris. Sometimes the blower can be knocked over and lose intake pressure. Check filler tubes at the back of the unit to be sure that they are snug and retie/re-strap them if necessary. If you cannot correct the problem, please call Inflatafun Rentals at 847-986-9444.

WATER SUPPLY: Our water units require a water supply to properly run and fill. Inflatafun Rentals does not supply water, a water supply, the hose, or any adapters in its standard water unit instillations. We can supply a 75ft hose for a $50 rental fee which always will attach to our units. The adaptation from the host to your spigot will need to be confirmed ahead of your delivery time. We do not guarantee the adaptation will work without a confirmation ahead of delivery. We will not run our units using hard water or well water as this can damage the units. If this type of water use is not brought to Inflatafun Rentals attention and damage occurs, cleaning fees or replacement fees will be assessed. 

1. Children’s safety depends upon you.. Your personal adult supervision is required at all times. Observe the rules contained in this section of the legal contract. On each inflatable intended to be ridden, there will be a rule/safety placard on the front. The safety of all riders is your sole responsibility.
2. NO SILLY STRING, CONFETTI, TOYS, FIREWORKS, CANDY WRAPPERS, SAND, GLITTER, GUM, STICKERS, DISH SOAP, TAPE, FOAM SOLUTION (unless otherwise noted), MARKERS, EXCESSIVE MUD, or anything sticky is to be used with inflatables! There will be a minimum $50.00, up to $500.00 cleaning charge depending on the size of the unit and extent, imposed immediately, if we find these in the unit after your party. Customer authorizes us to charge cleaning fees on the credit card provided.
3. Except for Waterslides, absolutely no water of any kind (including wet clothing) may be used on, in, or around the unit. Never put a water hose in, spray water on, or get in with wet clothes or a wet swimsuit. There will be an additional $150.00 cleaning charge for inflatables that are wet or dirty when picked up if there has been no rain. We will determine this at the end of your event and take photo documentation. 
4. All persons must remove shoes and any sharp objects before playing in or on the inflated party jump/slide including: PENS, PENCILS, JEWELRY OF ANY KIND, SWORDS, GLASS, KNIVES, and LIGHTERS. We highly recommend that riders remove eyeglasses. To avoid serious injuries or death, JUMPING OFF INFLATABLE, FLIPS, DOUBLE JUMPS, AND SLAMS, are NOT allowed.
5. Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, inside rafters, sides or roof of the unit. Do not lean on arches or hang from any outside tie down rope or cord. 
6. No jumping on load ramp step and keep the units zipped at all times.
7. No FOOD, DRINKS, ANIMALS, or water inside the units.
8. In case of rain or high winds, remove occupants and unplug both the motor and extension from the wall outlet. Do not allow cord to sit in standing water as it will rust and ruin the cord. 
9. Do not turn motor off and on repeatedly, as this will burn out the motor.
10. Unit must remain spiked or sand bagged down on level surface and no closer than 4 feet to any fixed object.
11. Never play or jump on a partially inflated unit. If the unit was deflated or unplugged wait for it to fully inflate before resuming play. 
12. Be sure to remove all personal items from the unit. We are not responsible for their return and they will be thrown out immediately during our cleaning process. 
13. Observe occupant number limitations. Age groups MUST NOT be mixed or injury could result. Please refer to the actual moonwalk for the specific number of riders allowed at one time.
14. No smoking, drug use, needles, alcohol, etc. is permitted inside of or around the inflatables.
15. Nothing should be taped or attached to an inflatable at any time before, during, or after an event.  

24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation:
As part of our customer commitment, we offer a 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy which means that after you've placed your order, you have up to 24 hours to cancel for any reason and receive a full refund. No fees. No questions. 100% of the payment refunded back to the original payment method.
Cancellation requests must be made by 11:59 p.m. the day after the order is placed. For example if an order is placed on Monday, you have until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday to cancel the order. Requests must be made over the phone to 847-986-9444 or via email to . We will not accept a text or social media message. Our system will not accept a request based on this.
*24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Policy is only available for orders placed online.


CANCELLATION POLICY: All reservations require a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit in advance of the event. You may cancel your reservation, however, your deposit is non-refundable except in situations of our 24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation. Deposits are 25% of the total cost of your invoice for events under $1,000.00, and 50% of the total cost of your invoice for events over $1,000.00. The remaining balance of your invoice is due fourteen (14) days prior to your event date. Cancellations processed outside fourteen (14) days of the rental period for any reason will result in the issuance of a RAIN CHECK or customer credit equal to the deposit required to book the event. If payments have been received that are higher than the deposit required to book the event, the excess will be refunded back to the original payment method. All cash payments will be refunded via check. Customers rain check will be equal to the amount paid for their order and made available for 1 year (365 days). For orders canceled within 14 days of the event date, the total amounts paid will be forfeit unless cancellation is due to inclement weather conditions - see below. -If you cancel 4 or more days prior to your reservation and have paid in full, we will apply the value to a new date within 1 calendar year (365 days) of your original event date.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY FOR OUTDOOR EVENTS: The deadline for canceling an order for a raincheck is 4:00 PM on the day prior to the event start date. Due to the expenses involved with preparation, transportation and loading/unloading equipment, any services canceled after 4:00 PM on the day prior to the event date will result in forfeit of the deposit and a restocking fee equal to 33% of the subtotal in the rental agreement. We must receive a phone call and you must speak to a live person to confirm cancellation. Our office number is 847-986-9444 A voicemail, text, or email is not sufficient and we will note the time this call comes in. Once the rental items are delivered, there is no refund due to rain, high winds, or change in weather. The week, day before, and morning of your event, we monitor the weather using We do not monitor any other weather software or website. We will not honor a different source even if it looks different. Any decisions will be made solely using this source and the client’s discretion to cancel. Please note, we must keep safety in mind at all times. Inflatafun Rentals reserves the right to cancel your rental due to inclement weather at any time or event up to a week prior to the scheduled date. This decision may be made based on any of the following weather-related circumstances: rain, weather emergencies, wind speeds exceeding 25mph, or temperatures dropping below 50°F during the rental period. It is important to note that the manufacturer strongly advises against operating the inflatables or blower in temperatures below 50°F, as this could result in damage to the vinyl and incomplete inflation of the equipment. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Operating in the MidWest, we understand the possible need to reschedule events or select a different unit due to weather. If the event-day weather is poor, there is no fee to cancel.  The monies paid will be held as a rain check for one year, unless our crew has already started their delivery route. Once our crew leaves our warehouse, no rain check will be offered. If the rented equipment is substituted for something that costs less, the remaining balance paid will given in the form of a rain check. No refunds are given for cancellations. Unless the weather is so bad as to risk our equipment, we leave the decision to cancel up to you on days in which there is a high chance of rain. Our main concerns are wind and rain. For orders canceled more than 14 days prior to the event date, customers may receive a rain check equal to the amount paid for their order and made available for one year. For orders
canceled within 4 days of the event date, the amounts paid will be forfeit.
Cancellation Policy for Performers
Weather cancellations do not apply to performers.

Rain Checks
Rain checks are available to be used for another event within 1 year (365 days) of the canceled event date. They are dependent upon item availability. Some reasons for which rain checks would NOT be given include:-Lack of adequate electricity onsite. The requirements for each unit are listed online.
-Cancellations once our personnel or equipment are dispatched.
-Site being unsuitable (not enough space, type of ground surface, unsafe, etc).
-Lack of an adult being present to sign for the order during pre-arranged delivery time. 


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