Soccer Darts

Soccer Darts


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Setup Area: 12' tall x14' wide x8'

Actual Size: 10' tall x12' wide x6'


Introducing Soccer Darts, the exhilarating fusion of soccer and darts that takes aim and precision to a whole new level! Perfect for sports enthusiasts, team-building events, carnivals, and backyard parties, Soccer Darts offers a unique and entertaining twist on the classic game.

Picture this: Players step up to the oversized inflatable dartboard and take aim with their soccer skills, kicking specially designed balls toward the target. With each kick, participants aim to hit the bullseye or rack up points by landing in different scoring zones, just like traditional darts but with a soccer twist!

Soccer Darts is not only a test of accuracy and technique but also a thrilling challenge that keeps players on their toes. Whether you're a seasoned soccer pro or a casual enthusiast, this game promises excitement and fun for all skill levels and ages.

Our inflatable Soccer Darts board is designed for safety and durability, ensuring a secure playing surface that can withstand hours of kicking action. Plus, its vibrant colors and eye-catching design make it a standout attraction at any event, drawing players and spectators alike into the excitement.

Don't miss out on the chance to kick-start the fun at your next event with Soccer Darts! Contact us today to reserve this thrilling game and score big with your guests.

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